Our Story

Old Rte 66 Family Restaurant opened has a small family business on November 5, 2001 and is the focal point of

Historic Old Route 66 in Dwight, Illinois.

​Our family restaurant legacy originated in 1977

from grandpa Jimmy.  We use the same original recipes today

that we did in '77 from our seasoned hand-cut meats,

 homemade soups, coleslaw and mashed potatoes and gravy

which have been passed down from three generations.  

We opened the Wishing Well Cafe in Odell, Illinois

from June of 1993 to January of 2003.

Then in 2001, we decided to purchase 

Stark's Restaurant and through steady reconstruction

and creative planning,


We have served numerous customers from "Chicago to LA"

and tourists from every continent across the world!

It's quite amazing on how many people we have met & served 

in all of our years here.  Our family is humbled and honored by the great response and patronage throughout these remarkable years and look forward to many more years to come!